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As a new guitar player you probably need to know that best guitars and who the most trustworthy and most reliable guitar makers are and the models of guitars that are available. Being that you are just learning how to play the guitar for beginners, you need to know you can spend anywhere from about $100 on a guitar all the way up to $100,000 onĀ  guitar and everything in between. However, a good place to start for the beginner is to keep your first instrument under about $600, this way you can get the feel of a fairly decent guitar while you learn and then you can pick out a nicer and more expensive one if you decide to later continue to pursue being a more advanced player.

There are many nice guitars in the $600 price range, but first you have to decide what kind of guitar you want. There are 3 basic sizes of acoustic guitars and they are the dreadnought, a jumbo or grand symphony size and the popular grand auditorium size. A pretty much standard size is the dreadnought guitar and this is what you will find in many inexpensive beginners guitars (however, there are some very expensive dreadnoughts), but it is interesting that the dreadnought can be or some people a little tiring to play because of its size.

My recommendation would be for a beginner to get a grand auditorium size because it will be a little easier to handle and therefore easier to play. For a smaller person a jumbo or dreadnought size is probably much too cumbersome. You also need to know that each of the sizes mentioned come in either a standard body or what is called a cutaway size that allows you to reach the top 5 or 6 frets much easier. Honestly, I'm not quite sure why you wouldn't want to reach those higher frets more easily so I would get a grand auditorium sized cutaway guitar for beginners.

Some of the top manufacturers in the $600 price range include Taylor (it will be hard to find a Taylor under $600, you may have to sped an extra $100), Gibson, Yamaha (I own a Yamaha FG 335), Dean (they make some beautiful guitars for around $400, just make sure you play the one you will buy and some kind of have a weird sound to me) and Ibanez. My best advice for picking out a guitar in this price range is to go somewhere you can play several of these guitars at once like a Sam Ash or Guitar Center or other large music store where you live.

It is essential to be able to listen to the exact guitar you want so you aren't disappointed. There can be a marked difference between guitars even of the same wood and the same manufacturer and the same size. Whether it is in the assembly process or whatever, no two guitars sound exactly the same. I do have to say however, that while I have picked up several guitars that are a bear to tune and something about them just doesn't sound right, I have never picked up a Taylor guitar that I haven't liked the sound of. I've even play Taylors that were slightly out of tune that still sounded good. For the record, Taylor guitars and the most consistent sounding instruments I've ever played.

Good luck on picking out your best sounding guitar and good luck with learning how to play the guitar for beginners. Rock out!

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