Dean Cocobolo Acoustic Electric Guitar

I like Dean guitars because they make some of the nicest looking instruments that are still in a very affordable price range. In fact, they are so affordable that even a starving musician can affords them. For example, what you are looking at above is a Dean Exotic Cocobolo acoustic electric guitar that sells for only $421.

While other guitars made from this kind of wood can cost thousands of dollars, that isn't the case with Dean guitar. They are nice, sturdy, quality sounding instruments in a price range that any starting guitar player can afford when they are ready to get their first instrument or even for experienced players looking for an extra guitar to have around.

The Dean acoustic pictured above is a nice cutaway (my preference for acoustics) that features an on board preamp with a built in tuner. It also has what is called the Aphex Exciter that enhances the sound and makes it sound even more like an acoustic guitar (if that's possible). The top and sides are made from exotic cocobolo wood and the neck is made from mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. This particular guitar from Dean is only available in the United States and that's probably because of the exotic wood it is made from.

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